Bale Wrapper

Wrapper 140 is the best choice of farmers and contractors for bale wrapping thanks to our solid workmanship, high-quality materials and excellent design all guarantee long-lasting. Wrapper 140’s hydraulic system prvovides moving to wrapping chamber,wrapping andd dropping steps are done rapidly. Due to low-profile design, bales unloading gently for avoding and damage, tightly wrapped bales will preserve feed quality and nutritional values for a long time.

• High performance experience with the high tonnage round bale rotating cylinder system,

• Full-automatic knife system to cut the plastic film after wrapping process will minimize your workload,

• Flawless control experience with quartet handle control system,


Unit WRAPPER 140
Length mm 2530
Width mm 2260
Height mm 2500
Weight kg 750
Tyre 6,5 – 10 12PR
Wrapping Arm Qty 1
Oil Quantity lt / min 15 – 20
Oil Pressure bar 170 – 200
Bale Weight kg 1000
Film Width mm 750
Bale Diameter 1,0 – 1,4
Required Power hp 40-50


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