Aspergo Field Sprayer

New desing with latest technology, maximum field coverage, easy use and eco-friendly are some of top specification of Aspergo Mounted Field sprayers.Our main aim is giving our farmers perfect crop protection in short spraying time without loosing time on fields. Reinforced and certified chasiss applied with sand-blasting,welded with a hightech robots that creates resistance. Electrostatic coat painting with high corrosion protection provides solidity to our chassis. UV protected polyethylene main tank comes with acid proof treatment. Standard hand washing tank and clean water tank is equipped with the main tank. Good weight distribution of the machine, favorable centre of gravity. Smooth tank walls prevents any residual inside, Clean water tank helps to flushing and diluting residual quantities. Tank can be equipped and designed with various options to meet the needs of the operator. Aspergo Models are produced as 600,800,1000 and 1200 lt tank capacity.The availability of several mechanical and hydraulic spraying booms together with different equipments and option that allow our sprayers to suit the requirement of the single users in the specific treatments.

Technical Specifications Unit Model
Capacity lt 600 800 1000 1200
Pump lt 105 105 105 105
Tank Washes Clean Water standart Standart Standart Standart Standart
Flow Rate I/min 105 105 105 105
Pressure bar 50 50 50 50
Rotation rev/min 540 540 540 540
Width mm 115 120 125 130
Length mm 135 165 165 165
Height mm 240 240 240 240
Weight (Without Boom) kg 350 375 385 396
Boom  Length mt 12/16/18 12/16/18 12/16/18 12/16/18
Boom Type mt Lateral or X Folding Lateral or X Folding Lateral or X Folding Lateral or X Folding