Ferox Rotovator

Ferox Rotovator is the most the ideal tilling machine for low powered tractors at hazelnut, olive, citrus and orchards. Machine is connected to the tractor easily by three point linkage system and movement taken from the pto is transmitted to the blades by the gear transmission system. It is a multi purposed tilling machine which is used especially in the preparation of sow channel mixing of the organic substances during stubble ploughing preparation of seedling planting channel. It spreads, mixes and raises the soil very well. By shifting the transmission, it gives a better access to tree edges. The soil which is tilled with Ferox rotovators does not require chemical weed control as the machine mechanically destroying the weeds. With this feature machine reduces tiring labor. Ferox Rotovators are produced in three different versions as Fixed Chassis, Mechanical Shifting and Hydraulic Shifting models with a working depth of up to 20 cm.

Technical Specifications Unit Model
Working Width cm 125 150 175 200
Number of Blades pcs 30 36​ 42 48
Working Depth mm 20 20 20 20
Total Width cm 155 180 205 230
Total Length cm 107 107 107 107
Total Height cm 120 120 120 120
Weight kg 370 420 450 480
Required Power hp 30-45 35-55 50-70 65-90