Innov Pro Field Sprayer

Innov Pro model mounted sprayers are professional machines, particularly characterized by modern technology and robust construction. This enables the user to spray at higher speeds and to work on large surface areas. These sprayers are fully compliant with strict European environmental and spraying standards. Its structural design ensures a short barycentre distance between the tractor and machine, a well-stirred spraying agent mixture, drainage of the tank and a simple cleaning process. The lower support legs mounted on the frame enable appropriate positioning and stability of the sprayer when not attached to the tractor. Capacities of 800 and 1000 lt are available. Modern design with rounded edges, smooth interior walls and inclined bottom ensures complete drainage and efficient cleaning. The tank is made from chemically resistant polyethylene. It features a large lid with a strainer mounted at the top of the tank to facilitate filling operations. The tank includes an engraved litre scale for easier reading of the quantity of the chemical agent. Main tank is equipped with rinsing and hand wash tank. Modern sand blasting and  powder coating methods provides an effective protection of the frame of our all kind of sprayers.

Technical Specifications Unit MODEL
Capacity lt 800 1000
Pump  lt 105 105
Flow Rate  (l/min 105 105
Pressure bar 50 50
Rotation  rev/min 540 540
Width  mm 2770 2770
Lenght  mm 1700 1700
Height  mm 2260 2400
Weight  kg 495 550
Boom Length  mt 12/15/18 12/15/18
Boom Type Lateral or X Folding Lateral or X Folding