Lina Mechanical Seeder Twin Discs

Lina Twin is a double disc type combined seeding machine, equipped with variator gearbox which leave seeds and fertilizer at the desired depth, in equal numbers and rows. We offer the most ideal solution for precise sowing on flat and sloping lands thanks to its double disc sowing feet with Lina Twin Mechanical Seeder. Row distance is designed as 13 cm and machine is produced with and without fertilizer options in a range from 2 mts to 6 mts. Thanks to its specially designed super silent variator gearbox, seed and fertilizer dispensers (pinwheel dispensing system), our machine enables planting of fine and coarse seeds preciously. In the Lina Twin model, the double disc feet consist of two flat discs with a certain angle between them. The point where the discs touch each other is at the front and slightly above the base of the incision. A seed funnel is placed in the space between the posteriorly enlarging discs. Although seeding feets are double disc, these feets create an incision by pushing the soil to both sides like coulter feet, but the width of the incision is larger. The seeds are all planted at the same depth and covered with moist soil that is pushed aside. The height of this ridge increases as the line widens and becomes as if planted in a row. Due to these features, double disc feet can be used in all kinds of climate and soil conditions. Hydraulically adjustable sowing depth, pressure wheels, independently controlled hydraulic markers and new types of harrows are the standard features of our machine. As Agrolead, we provide hydraulic and electronic tramline system that gives our customers the chance to work on the fields with comfort and continuity.

Lina Twin aspires to be the newest generation seeding tool that will serve you for years, accompany you throughout your planting adventure, and make you smile during the harvest.

Technical Specifications Unit Model
Number of Tine pcs 19 23 27 31 39 47
Working Width mt 2,5 3 3,5 4 5 6
Row Distance cm 13 13 13 13 13 13
Seed Capacity lt 460 550 640 730 870 990
Fertilizer Capacity lt 305 370 400 425 525 600
Capacity Without Fertilizer lt 750 950 1150 1350 1340 1550
Jumbo Hopper Seed Capacity lt 735 880 1025 1170 1400 1585
Jumbo Hopper Fertilizer Capacity lt 490 590 640 680 840 960
Tyre Size inch 600/16 600/16 600/16 600/16 600/16 600/16
Operation Speed km/h 5*8 5*8 5*8 5*8 5*8 5*8
Width cm 275 325 375 425 525 625
Height cm 150 150 150 150 150 150
Weight kg 1010 1190 1380 1530 1850 2100
Required Power hp 70+ 80+ 100+ 110+ 120+ 130+


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