Vulgatus Conventional (Mouldboard) Plough

VULGATUS Conventional Mouldboard Plough which is processed with special heat treatment and tension relieved on parts which may exposed to corrosion, is one of the best option for your primary soil preparation. Vulgatus is mounted type moldboard plough which is attached to the tractor through three-point linkage system. Tractor balanced smooth ploughing ability through its depth wheel, trash board part and disc coulter options are some of the main features of our plough. Various types of plough body and shares alternatives plough offers a unique performance in all types of areas. The purposes of using Vulgatus are prepairing of stubble and fallow lands, swelling, breaking up and rancelling of the land, preparing seed beds through reconditioning soil from weeds and diseases, mixing organic or chemical fertilizer, herbicide and stubble by rancelling the soil, decreasing the wind and water erosion, increasing infiltration and leaving the rainwater on the field. Vulgatus are produced as 2,3,4,5,6 furrows at 9,10,12,14,16 inches according to the tractor powers of the customers.

Technical Specifications MODEL​
Number of Furrows 2 3 4 5
Working Width 70 105 140 175
Working Depth 30 30 30 30
Frame Depth 76 76 76 76
Frame Height 67 67 67 67
Required Power 45-60 65-80 85-90 100-120
Total Weight 210 315 465​ 570