Bellator Disc Mower With Conditioner

Bellator Disc Mower Conditioner Type chops every type of grass herbs or different pasture plants with a high speed. The discs are very close to the ground, thus it raises the productivity. It crops the herbs in such a way that they can be dried and collected easily. It gets the move from the P.T.O. shaft and makes the chopping by the help of knives that are turning on the mower. In our machine, Italian Comer brand gearbox and blades is preffered.

Technical Specifications Unit Model
Number Of Disc pcs 5 6
Number Of Blades On Per Disc pcs 2 2
Working Width cm 205 240
Rubber Conditioner Available Available
PTO Rotation rev / min 540 540
Disc Speed m/s 78.6​ 78.6​
Weight kg 700​ 750
Required Power hp 70+ 80+