X-Terminator Slasher

X-Terminator Weed Slasher is a widely used machine in the agriculture and livestock sectors. It is especially valuable for feed preparation. These machines are suitable for cutting the grass into small pieces so that animals can consume it more easily. At the same time, the nutritional value of shredded grass increases.

Usage Areas of the Machine:

Livestock: The hay chopping machine is ideal for preparing animal feed. Smaller pieces of grass become more digestible for animals.

Compost: If you want the grass to decompose faster, you can shred the grass with this slasher. This speeds up composting.

Gardening: Used in the garden to cut and break up overgrown grass. This can help the soil heal faster.


Increased Nutritional Value: Shredded grass becomes more digestible for animals. This increases the amount of nutrients the animals can receive.

Time Saving: The herb shredding machine is much faster than manual herb cutting and shredding.

Energy Saving: The machine shreds the herb with much less energy than manually shredding it.

Effective Compost: Shredded grass improves the quality of the soil by accelerating compost production.

X-Terminator 100 X-Terminator 130 X-Terminator 150 X-Terminator 170
Working Width cm 100 130 150 170
Chain Number pcs 2 2 2 2
Length mm 750 900 1100 1300
Width mm 1100 1300 1500 1700
Weight kg 150 180 220 220
Required Power hp 15-30 20-40 35-60 40-70