Excalibur Deep Soiler

Excalibur Deep Soiler one of the best implement which is processing the soil without bringing up the infertile soil found in the lower layer. While braking the lower layer of the plow without leaving any untreated soil between the tines it process the soil considering the shape / structure of the legs. With Excalibur the soil can be processed deeply. Through this, it allows soil to air out, and by preventing rain water to stay on the surface, it ensures that the water works its way down to the base and protects the moisture of soil, allows hard layer to break and lets the roots of the plants go down to the base of the soil in an easier way. In addition, the roller which is connected to the chassis simultaneously presses the soil that is lifted up by the tines, this leads to minimize the loss of moisture after processing.Materials used in Excalibur are prepared for production after passing the stage of testing by having been inspected / examined in every way before coming to the stage of production and quality materials are used. Thanks to its design it is extremely easy to use and simple to adjust machine. Strength of the blasting blades has been increased through performance of heat treatment. Depth over the roller connection is positioned on the adjustment mechanism to make it possible to do the depth adjustment of the movement of the roller arms. A safety screw has been positioned to prevent damage during the moment of stress to legs and chassis.

Excalibur Deep Soilers can be equipped with hydro-acumulated tine controls if required.

Number of Tine Pcs 5 7 9 11
Working Depth cm 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55
Distance Between Tines cm 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55
Working Width cm 250 300 300 400 400 500 500 600
Total Width cm 265 345 345 445 445 545 545 645
Total Length cm 332 332 332 332 332 332 332 332
Total Height cm 178 178 178 178 178 178 178 178
Weight kg 1630 1800 2250 2750 2950 3400 3600 4150
Required Power hp 160 190 190 220 220 250 250 280