Gladiator Drum Mower With Conditioner

Gladiator Rear Drum Mowers with hydraulic system have been developed with sized 190 and 250 cm, equipped with rubber roller hay conditioner, which speeds up the drying process to produce fodder of excellent quality. The lateral drum mowers optimise fodder collection times, thus improving production rates. In models Gladiator 190C and 250C the most suitable tool can be chosen according to the size of the area to be mown and individual requirements. When you need to reduce drying and haymaking times, the new models of Gladiator C Series, provided with conditioner with rubber rollers, are the best and most effective choice.

The duty of the conditioner is to press and split the fodder; this opens the outer waxy layer of the stems so that the excess water flows out, thus accelerating the drying process, while maintaining the body and all the nutritional elements. In the 4-drum mowers, the conditioner with helical rubber rollers features a central separator which gives the row a precise form and controls the fodder flow.

The hydraulic device raises the mower vertically to 90°, providing excellent stability and safety during transport as the mower does not protrude from the profile of the tractor. he combined operation of the central hitch with dual reciprocating movement and the compensation spring allows the mower to adapt to the ground and discharge the weight onto the tractor.

Technical Specifications Unit Model
Working Width cm 190 250
Number of Drums pcs 2 4
Number of Blades pcs 6 12
Rubber Conditioner Available Available
Width During Transport mm 2050 1950
Width During Operation mm 3180 3750
Height During Transport mm 1700 3200
Height During Operation mm 1070 1070
Drums PTO Rotation rpm 1920 1920
Tractor PTO Rotation rpm 750 750
Weight kg 550 900
Required Power hp 70 80