Milker Milking Machines

Milking machines are allow the milk to come out by applying vacuum to the udders of the animal. Thanks to the absorbent tubes and milking clusters placed on the nipples, milk is provided. Both the udders are massaged and the milking process is carried out by using this machine. Machine milking is a method applied in small and large enterprises in order to save time and labor by ensuring that all milk is milked in a short time. More and healthier milk is obtained in milking with the machine. Moreover, success in milking can be achieved by using the machine with the right technical features correctly, without harming the health of the animal, without leaving any milk left and in an appropriate time.For efficient milking, it is necessary to have a milking machine with suitable technical features and to use this machine correctly. Milker model milking machines are produced as One Pulse – One Can, Two Pulses – One Can and Two Pulses – Two Cans with electricity engine and optionally benzene engine. The Cans can be made from aluminium or inox according to the customer needs.

Technical Specifications Unit Model
Can Number pcs 1 1 2 2
Can Capacity lt 40 40 30 30
Pulsation pcs 1​ 2 2 2
Length mm 1540 1540 1580 1580
Width mm 640 640 800 980
Height mm 1050 1050 1050 1050​
Weight kg 53 55 65 85