Slurry Liquid Manure Tanker

Slurry Model Tankers have been developed with the aim of spreading the manure, which is rich in organic matter, to the fields in a homogeneous way, which is obtained as a result of separating the solid and liquid state of animal manure with the help of a separator.

Thanks to its specially designed chassis and low structures, wide-based and durable tires offered as standard, our tank can easily work in any field by adapting to all kinds of terrain conditions. It also preserves the soil structure as much as possible.

Choosing the pump type is the first and probably the most important step in configuring the Manure Spreader Tank. Thanks to the domestic and Italian pumps on our tanks, the absorption of fertilizers is very fast. The absorbed fertilizers are sprayed on the field in a powerful and effective manner. The barometer showing the plus and minus pressures provided by the pumps to the tank and the indicators showing the tank fill rate are available on the machine. All these features are for the user to keep the control over the machine at the highest level.

Our liquid fertilizer distribution tank has a manuel suction system. In liquid manure tanks with a manual suction system, attaching the suction hose to the suction valve and fixing it simply makes the machine ready for use. It saves time thanks to the preparation phase that takes only seconds and the shortened suction and spreading process thanks to the powerful pumps. Liquid fertilizer increases the productivity of our soil, restores the organic structure that has been lost or decreased in your land that has been used for years, and increases the yield of your product.

Optional features of our liquid fertilizer distribution tanks are galvanized coating that extends body life, and traffic lights for users who need to go to traffic, top thrower that can reach long distances.

Technical Specifications Unit MODEL
Capacity ton 5 10 15 20
Number of Axle pcs 1 1 2 2
Length mm 6000 7000 7500 9000
Width mm 2150 2300 2350 2350
Height mm 2750 2900 3000 3000
Soil Range mm 360 360 400 400
Ground Clearance mm 1150 1200 1200 1250
Axle Width mm 1480 1800 1800 1800
Tank Dimensions mm 1440x3400 1800x4500 1910x5000 1910x6500
Distance Ring Center to Axle Center mm 3500 4200 4450 4700
Weight kg 2650 3850 4500 5000
Distributor Features
Type Impacted Plate Impacted Plate Impacted Plate Impacted Plate
Plate Dia mm 100 100 100 100
Pump Type type Greasy Pallet Greasy Pallet Greasy Pallet Greasy Pallet
Rotation rev/min 540 540 540 540