Sarcina Silage Packaging

Sarcina Silage Packaging is an effective, flexible and environmentally friendly system for the storage and storage of all types of silage and bulk feed in nylon tunnels.This technology can also be used to produce fertilizer (compost) from organic materials.With Sarcina silage packaging, silage is compressed and stored under high pressure in nylon tunnels of 1.65 m diameter and desired length.

1. The contact of the material to be silage with air is cut off in a very short time and decay is prevented.
2. Longer silage life is obtained by homogeneously compacting the silage.
3. Undesirable reactions are minimized during the storage process.
4. While making silage with classical methods, there is no contamination caused by the contact of the tractor wheels with the silage.
5. Storage is carried out on the desired place and ground without the need for any warehouse to store the silage.
6. Storage close to feeding also eliminates the transportation cost.
By completely preventing the sealing, environmental pollution and bad odors are prevented.

Technical Features Unit Model
Capacity ton/h 50 15
Product Type Silage Grain
Working Width mm 2540 2550
Width mm 2600 2550
Length mm 4200 3800
Height mm 3300 2350
Required Power hp 80+ 100+
PTO Rotation rev/min 540 540
Weight kg 1300 2500
Bag Dimensions
Width mt 1,65 1,65
Length mt 60 60