Rose Rotary Swather Rake

Rose rotary rakes produce fluffy, well-formed windrows to help you dry your hay faster. This allows you to harvest your crops at their peak nutritional value with less reliance on the weather. Long, flexible tines touch the crop just once, lifting and depositing it neatly into the windrow. The gentle raking action ensures that the leaves remain intact for maximum quality.Rose Rotary Rake swathes harvested feed crops by leaving some certain space among them, and provides the required alignment for grass collection trailer or for bailing procedures, and it ensures a bailing without harming the grasses and dropping useful leaves.The machine is an ideal one with low power requirement and high manoeuvre and operation capability. Objects like stone, soil and similar ones do not remain within the crops, and the machine provides a clean and qualified collecting operation. Rose series are produced as 9 and 11 arms with 2 and 4 wheels options. Italian Comer brand gearbox is preffered at our machines.

Technical Specifications Unit Model
ROSE 92 ROSE 94 ROSE 114
Working Width (m) m 3,3 3,4 4,1
Transport Width (m) m 1,4 1,7 1,8
Number Of Arms Per Rotor (pcs) pcs 9 9 11
Number Of Double Fingers(pcs) pcs 3 3 4
Number of Wheel 2 4 4
Wheel Dimension 15x600x6
Required Power (hp) hp 45 45 50
Weight (kg) kg 380 410 520