Verro Fertilizer Spreader

Verro Trailed Fertilizer Spreader are produced for professional purposes and powered by tractor take-off . Model is formed as single axle trailing with 900 lt main tank, however the capacity of the models are increased thrugh sideboards up to 3500 lt. Axles can be produced as twin axle and main tank can be produced as x-large tank if required. Dosage of the fertilizer are hydraulically controlled in Verro Spreaders. Thanks to this feature, fertilizers are easily and quickly spreaded at the beginning of the border through control from the tractor cabin. Thus unnecessary fertilizer consumption is prevented. Fertilizer tank is divided in two pieces with opposite V shaped separative that is under the tank and the mixer shaft in the fertilizer tank is located in a horizontal position and rotates with low rev. These inox mixer shafts never powder the fertilizer during operation. By this way, distrubition of the fertilizer into the field is more homogeneous and fluidal. Despite the erosion caused by the chemical fertilizers you have used, all parts that come into contact with the fertilizer are made of inox material.

Three different disc options are adapted to this machine. Spreading width of the discs are 10-16 / 18-24 / 24-36 mt. Machine is equipped with 18-24 mt as standard. The settings of angle and wing length on the disc must be changed in the light of fertilizer chart. We offer you limiter apparatus to prevent unnecessary fertilizer application beyond the borders of your area or on the bottom of the fences when fertilizing.

Technical Specifications Unit Model
VERRO 2000 VERRO 2500 VERRO 2500 TW VERRO 3000 TW VERRO 3500 TW
Capacity kg 2000 2500 2500 3000 3500
Axle pcs Single Single Double Double Double
Standard Working Width mt 16-24 16-24 16-24 16-24 16-24​
Optional Working Width mt 10-16 / 24-36 10-16 / 24-36 10-16 / 24-36 10-16 / 24-36 10-16 / 24-36
Disc Set mtrl Inox Inox Inox Inox Inox
Thrower Pallets pcs 2 2 2 2 2
Rotation of Discs rev/min 720 720​ 720 720 720
Working Speed km/h 15-20 15-20 15-20 15-20 15-20
Dosage Adjustment ctrl Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Height mm 2240 2280 2330 2370 2390
Width mm 2350 2350 2350 2350 2350
Length mm 2250 2250 2440 2440 2440
Weight kg 640 680 800 850 900
Required Power hp 70+ 80+ 90+ 100+ 110+


24/36 mt Disc Inox Protector Inox Limiter