Terre Potato Planter

Terre Potato Planting machine with two or four rows is a mounted type machine. Potato lumps are put in the case rise with the help of ladles on an infinite rubber band that moves between two pulleys vertically. While the ladles are turning down from the highest point, they go on their action by dropping the potato lumps in them and the potato lumps that go down in this way fall on the soil surface at 70 cm rows , from the turning point below. The potato lumps are covered by the coverings discs from backwards.


Technical Specifications Unit Model
Type Belt Chain​ Belt​
Working Depth mm Eki.20 Eki.20 Eki.20
Number Of Tines pcs 3 3 6
Lenght cm 180 190 315
Width cm 170 170 170
Height cm 180 140 180
Weight kg 460​ 560 710
Required Power hp 45-70 45-70 70-80