Liva Pneumatic Planter Slide Units

Liva Pneumatic Planter Slide model has designed to response hydraulic controlled planter units in shortest time. Machine is useful and time saver during operation of row spacing and over row sowing of all kinds of seeds (beet, corn, sunflower, cotton, onion, sweet melon, watermelon, groundnut etc.) at desired quantity sensitively.  Liva Slide model pneumatic planter has been added to our product range as the newest generation seeder produced by our company. Liva Slide Models are ranging at 4 and 6 Rows, with and without fertilizing options. Upon request, fertilizer tank and fertilizing kit installed on the machine as three types, inox, plastic and steel materials. Fertilizer tanks are in “V” shape, have sieves and fertilizer discharge levers for easy cleaning after sowing. Pneumatic seeder provides a sensitive sowing since it transfers the motion activity generated by the wheels, to the seeder units with the help of shaft allowing easy adjustment of over row distance.Thanks to these specifications, it allows sowing on all kinds of soil conditions and dropping fertilizer and seed into the equal depth. We are offering all Liva Pneumatic Planters with hydraulic side markers as standard feature of the machines.

Number of Rows qty 4 4 6 6
Width mm 3300 3300 4000 4000
Length mm 2300 2300 2300 2300
Height mm 1500 1600 1500 1600
Seed Hopper Volume lt 4x35 4x35 6x35 6x35
Fertilizer Hopper Volume lt - 2x200 - 2x200
Disc Hole Diameter mm 1*6 1*6 1*6 1*6
Disc Hole Number pcs Variable Variable Variable Variable
Distance Between Rows cm 50-95 50-95 45-50-55-60-65-70 45-50-55-60-65-70
Intrarow Distance cm 1-177 1-177 1-177 1-177
Working Speed km/h 6*8 6*8 6*8 6*8
Required Power hp 75 80 90-110 90-110
Weight kg 1100 1250 1250 1450


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